Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good Morning Glory!

Note: I did start this entry in the morning hours, but delays, delays, delays!

While I haven't been posting regularly, I have been out in the gardens more often. With the hot dry weather last week, and now looking like this next week will be much the same, special attention is important!
I lost my peas, I knew I planted them too late after reading more on them, but I let them grow until they died. I ended up with less than a bowl full. I know next year I'll have to start them indoors early.
But I did manage to have some nice squash last night! Two from my garden! Weighing in at about a pound each, they were superb! Picture of the fruits of my labors:

Jim says that at this point the squash are about 150.00 each, but the cost will go down very soon, because I have about 60+ tomatoes, and three cucumbers, and a zuke getting to get picked any day now as well.

Two pictures of the tomatoes, they seem to be coming along nicely.

The zucchini and a cucumber. The cucumber vine seems to be running rampant over the garden as well. It's on the other side of the zucchini, and poking through the tomatoes as well.

This cucumber seems to have popped up out of nowhere. I swear it wasn't there two days ago, but here it is, in full glory! Kind of like the extra squash we had to eat last night. When the lighting is better, I'll have to take pictures of where the vine is traveling.

Wide shot of the garden from another side. The corn and the tomatoes are nearly as tall as I am.

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Bobbie said...

Girl your garden looks great! Keep up the good work!