Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mystery plants! No more!

I've been skulking about in the garden (surprised?) and for a few years now, this plant has shown up. Well, rather it's either a tree or a shrub. It wasn't there until about four years ago. I'm thinking it's a Rose of Sharon, but I'm not sure. It's growing under a few trees, and I've clipped back the other trees so that this might grow better, because it is nice and pretty. So if anyone reading this has any idea, please let me know. Thanks to Beaucarnea, this has been identified, yes, it's a Rose of Sharon! Thanks!

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And this little fella was spotted at the back of my veggie garden yesterday. Now mind you, this was in an area where no one grew anything but weeds. So this seriously sprouted out of nowhere, and it's just the one, and I have NO idea what this is.

He's just a little guy, but the color is pretty, and the yellow looks like little flower buds themselves. The picture quality of this one isn't that great, but again, if anyone has ANY idea! Again, thanks to Beaucarnea, this has been ID'd as a dayflower. I'm not sure why it showed up, but it did, and I'll dig it and pot it, or else I might have them all over the garden. Thanks again!

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