Thursday, July 12, 2007

Start to now: Compare!

Okay, Wanted side by side pictures of what it looked like when I started, a few weeks ago, and now: This was taken about the very last week-weekend of May, when I started the garden project. Many starts, and a lot of seeds in the ground.
This picture was taken about (I'd know for sure, but that info is on the other computer, and I can't just hook it up at the moment.) The second week of June.

This picture was at the end of June, to illustrate the combat with the melons and the squash.
This picture was taken July 10, 2007. What a difference! And yes, I have learned my lesson, and my plants will not be so crowded next year.
Here you can see the melons are not only taking the squash down, but reaching for the shed as well. I'm sure in a few weeks I'll have to be much more careful going around that side of the garden. As the vines are twining themselves around anything that stands still, and some slow moving children....

As far as the battle goes, we're still pretty tied in my book. The squash is nice and full, and have provided me with several fruits. Had I not put the fence up, I would not be able to walk down the path next to them and pick anything.
The melons on the other hand, are far more outreaching, and have joined forces with the watermelons, who are now reaching out as well, though their numbers are smaller, they should not be dismissed. They have not however provided me with even a simple start of a fruit that I can see. They have flowered like crazy for the last three weeks or so, and while it's not a buzzing bee patch, I have seen the bees out there, so I'm calling it even for now.
I might have to include the cucumber if things keep going like they are, if it keeps it up, it will be poking out through three sides of the garden, and be by far the most dominant plant I have.

Evidence of pollination:

Can you tell I'm picture happy in the gardens?
I'm sad that a few starts have been lost due to non-pollination. I was so excited about a few, then to find a few days later they deflated, not having been pollinated. I've thumped the tomatoes plenty of times, and went out with a paint brush to pollinate other things, I'm just not sure how I'm rating on that.

Well, until next time, happy gardening!

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